We are a collective of technologists, developers, testers, engineers, CX’ers and enthusiasts with a passion for utilizing technology and digital solutions to drive meaningful outcomes. We love to share our knowledge and experience with others.


.the tech collective have an official web site www.thetechcollective.eu - go there if you want more details on how to get in touch or perhaps join our collective.


The website your’re at now is our .club site. This is where we blog, share tutorials, training materials, Open Source components, offer slide decks, and where we regularly invite to events - most of them are free to attend.

On these pages each author speaks with her or his own tone-of-voice. Our blogs have discussions enabled, and you are hereby encouraged to join the discussions, all it takes is a GitHub Account (it’s free).

We maintain a atom-xml feed you can subscribe to it with your favorite feed reader, to stay updated if you want.


We also have an organization @thetechcollective on GitHub. The discussions there are open and a lot of stuff we have there is Open Source.