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Get perspective on a tech challenge

Let’s grab a coffee. or a lunch - In real life - Away From Keyboard.

This is like a free coaching session - we will talk about you and your challenges - not us. We offer to be that (professional) shoulder you can cry on. Let go! We’ll listen and support you, and offer perspective.

Hit the button and get access to our agenda, pick a time slot that suits you, and well get back to you.

Book a coffee meeting

Get a free workshop for your team

We have a series of workshop that we have prepared, and done publicly and for free. Despite that they are free in the literal meaning “costless” they are not cheap in the meaning “inferior” or “low quality”. Quite the opposite, they showcase the seriousness and high quality we aim for in our engagements.

We offer them as a private V.I.P. session. Only condition is that sign up min 6 people (no max!) and that you set aside time to both prepare well before the workshop, and evaluate with us after.

Browse some of the options you have in our event page.

We can either host it in one of our historical buildings in Hellerup or Copenhagen, or we can come to you, or if distance permits us to meet easily we can offer them in an online format.

Hit the button to see when we have available slots and find one that suits you and your team, and we will get back to you straight away so we can settle on meeting and content details.

Book a free 2 hrs Workshop

Give feedback on our website

Ohhh - thanks :pray: we’re crazy about feedback.

We have a section in our public discussions on GitHub, specifically setup to cover meta-chat; not on the website, but about the website. Note: You will need an account on GitHub to use this option - create one for free.

Give Feedback via GitHub Discussions

Reach out to our Editor in Chief

  • Would you like us to cover a specific topic?
  • Do you have questions regarding any of the content on this web?
  • Do you have wishes for a workshop or hackaton we could host?
  • Anything….

Send an email to our Editor in Chief