Privacy Policy

This site is operated from an obligation and dedication to protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of it’s user’s data, including personal data. We are continuously working on ensuring compliance with applicable data protection legislation, first and foremost the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Editor in Chief

The Editor in Chief is Lars Kruse. If you have any questions reading data policy, or if you need to report content you’ve found on these pages; please do not hesitate to reach out to a Lars

.tech-that as a community - not a business

This is a community driven .club site. On these pages each author speaks with her or his own tone-of-voice. On these pages the editors are dedicated to hosting a community - not running a business. All material on theses pages is free.

The main purpose is to expose our personal passion for utilizing technology and digital solutions to drive meaningful outcomes for people. We love to share our knowledge and experience with others. Most people in tech do. Therefore our stories have discussions enabled, and you are encouraged to join and set your mark - all it takes is a GitHub Account.

Data controller

When the .tech-that community processes data, we consider ourselves a data processor, since we process personal data on behalf of our readers and users.

Our policy on maintaining this role is based on the EU commission’s adequacy decision which clarifies that for US companies that has signed the EU-US Data Privacy Framework program and which offers Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) that have been “pre-approved” by the European Commission, the legal implication of utilizing services from US based companies is considered adequate to be fully comparable with that of obtaining similar services from EU based companies.

We carefully monitor, that we do not utilize services from US based companies unless they have signed the Data Privacy Framework program.

Currently the .tech-that community utilizes services from GitHub, Meetup, Microsoft and Google. They have all entered the Data Privacy Framework program.

The cookies we set - If you let us

  • We set one cookie of our own, to track that answered ‘yes’ to let us use cookies
  • We set two Google Analytics cookies, that helps us with insights into how our guests browse our website but guaranteed nothing about who you are.

We do not collect any PII data

Personally identifiable information (PII) is any data that can be used to identify someone. On this specific low-fidelity site we do use cookies to track how our guests navigate our website, but we have anonymized all data and we do not elicit any kind of PII data - not even you IP address; We’re here to share knowledge and insights - not to collect data!

Embedded pages, services and redirects to other services

We do occasionally use embedded pages (<iframe>) or include other services (<script>). For instance that is the case for the comments on our stories, which are hosted by GitHub and we occasionally embed Google maps, or redirect to to signup to events.

On these pages you choose yourself, at your own will, wether you want to sign in or not. How you act and behave on there other pages and services - outside this website is considered outside the scope of our data policy.

Also note, that on these external pages, there might be functional cookies set. When that is the case, these are beyond the scope of the cookie consent you have given to this website.

If you find scripts running or cookies set in the scope of our context this website we’re happy top explain what’s going on - reach out to our Editor in Chief.