Join us for an exciting book club session where we delve into the thought-provoking book 'Wiring the Winning Organization' by Gene Kim and Steven Spear. Get ready to explore the secrets of successful organizations and learn how to apply their strategies in your own workplace.
16 April 2024
16:30 - 19:30
København, Borgergade 111

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Book club: "Wiring the Winning Organization"

In Gene Kim and Steven Spear’s new bok “Wiring the Winning Organization” they presents a new theory of organizational performance and management, based on decades of research and case studies of high-performing organizations across various industries. The authors argue that the key to achieving excellence is how leaders design their management systems around people’s ingenuity and creativity, and how they integrate individual efforts into a collaborative effort. This is what they call wiring the winning organization.

The authors explain how organizations can move from the danger zone, where problems are hard to see and solve, and where people are frustrated and disengaged, to the winning zone, where problems are easy to see and solve, and where people are empowered and engaged. They introduce three mechanisms to achieve this transformation: slowification, simplification, and amplification.

  • Slowification — means making it easier to solve problems by slowing down the flow of work and creating feedback loops that allow people to learn and improve.
  • Simplification — means making problems easier to solve by reducing complexity and variability, and standardizing work processes and outcomes.
  • Amplification — means ensuring that problems are seen and solved by creating a culture of transparency, accountability, and collaboration, and by leveraging technology and data to support problem-solving.

You are welcome even if you haven’t read the book (got to a prompt prompt and ask for an except - or read the one from my prompt)

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