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DevOps for Executives

6 minute read

This post explains the business case for DevOps - not in tech lingo, but in terms of people, organizations and product development.

The Toyota Way

11 minute read

A summary Jeffery Liker’s book “The Toyota Way” 2nd edition. Meant as an introduction for anyone who wants to learn the very basics of The Toyota Way.

Our mission: A Community of Practice

2 minute read

We’re striving to form a Community of Practice around FlowTech and Contemporary DevOps that allows for legitimate peripheral participation.

Contemporary DevOps

5 minute read

We’re fascinated by building quality in - as opposed to glue it on after the release. We continuously improve the eco-system that surrounds software developm...

Industrial DevOps by Johnson & Yeman

1 minute read

“Industrial DevOps” provides a comprehensive guide on how to apply Agile and DevOps principles in the development of cyber-physical systems.

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