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We’re striving to form a Community of Practice around FlowTech and Contemporary DevOps that allows for legitimate peripheral participation.

Both Community of Practice (CoP) and Legitimate Peripheral Participation (LPP) are concepts within didactics, first coined by Lave & Wenger in “Situated Learning” (1991) and later unfolded by Wenger in “Communities of Practice” (1998). In short a Community of Practice is an informal group of professionals, newcomers, old-timers and everything in between. Who take interest in the same domain and interact, engage and share activities. Legitimate peripheral participation underlines the fact that this community is friendly and allows participation from everyone who defines themselves as a member. It’s about in-situ hands-on learning.

With focus on learning, not teaching.

We have taken the initiative to host a series of informal events where you - and everyone else with an interest in FlowTech and Contemporary DevOps are welcomed into our beautiful surroundings: The old girl school for daughters of naval officers in Nyboder in Copenhagen city and the original Tuborg brewery headquarter in Hellerup. Those two historic buildings alone are worth a visit.

👈 Expand to see locations on the map 🌍 Borgergade 111, Copenhagen Strandvejen 54, Hellerup

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Browse the events we have lined up and sign up for free admission. Seats are limited (25 per event). We want to keep this cozy!


We have an organization on GitHub: @thetechcollective where we have opened up for public discussions. We also have a handful op public repositories with Open Source projects, you are more than welcome to hack with us.

Discussions The only thing it requires to participate is a GitHub account (a free account is quite sufficient). Feel free to spark a discussions on a specific topic or ask the community for a question. You can also use your GitHub account to comment and engage directly on the stories here on our website.

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First come, first served

When you sign up to any of our events, you’ll register with an email of your own choice, and this growing list of event participants will be the first to receive an email notification when we announce new events. Or you can connect with any of us on LinkedIn - we will post new events there too.


If you would like to guest author a story on our web or perhaps host or co-host an event with a specific topic - or if you would just like to suggest a topic we should host then reach out!

Lars Kruse
+45 20 87 25 30