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You found our community site! We are a tech enthusiasts, who love to share our knowledge and experience. On these pages each author speak with their own tone...


DevOps for Executives

6 minute read

This post explains the business case for DevOps - not in tech lingo, but in terms of people, organizations and product development.

The Toyota Way

11 minute read

A summary Jeffery Liker’s book “The Toyota Way” 2nd edition. Meant as an introduction for anyone who wants to learn the very basics of The Toyota Way.

Our mission: A Community of Practice

2 minute read

We’re striving to form a Community of Practice around FlowTech and Contemporary DevOps that allows for legitimate peripheral participation.

Contemporary DevOps

5 minute read

We’re fascinated by building quality in - as opposed to glue it on after the release. We continuously improve the eco-system that surrounds software developm...

Industrial DevOps by Johnson & Yeman

1 minute read

“Industrial DevOps” provides a comprehensive guide on how to apply Agile and DevOps principles in the development of cyber-physical systems.



Masterclass: DevOps for Executives

28 February 2024 16:30 - 19:30 Copenhagen, Borgergade 111

DevOps is the most hyped buzzword in the software development industry today, at this master class we will touch on what is it really. Where it came from. W...

Containerizing the Developer Experience

19 March 2024 17:30 - 20:00 .the tech collective, Strandvejen 56, 2900 Hellerup

Two show cases; one on how to use Devcontainers in GitHub CodeSpaces to create an Internal Development Platform and one on how to move Virtual Machines to K8...

Book club: “Wiring the Winning Organization”

16 April 2024 16:30 - 19:30 København, Borgergade 111

Join us for an exciting book club session where we delve into the thought-provoking book ‘Wiring the Winning Organization’ by Gene Kim and Steven Spear. Get ...


DX (Developer Experience) intro

This tutorial introduces some of the features in the GitHub eco-system that will make your team go faster - in a very DevOpsy way.